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Creative Guidance to Help Bring 

Your Vision Into Focus

No More Confusion | Less Stress | Greater Confidence


Trouble Choosing Cakes & Desserts for Your Wedding?

  • Need Help with Creativity?

  • Not Enough Time?

  • Unsure Where to Begin?

  • Too Many Flavors to Choose From?

  • Too Many Designs to Choose From?

  • Unsure How Much to Pay?

  • Unsure How Much Cake to Serve?

What makes Sweet Dey so different?

As your cake designer, we're committed to making good on our “Make Life Sweeter Together” mantra. Beginning with your private wedding cake consultation, where we welcome you as our guest into our home-studio. Where, the atmosphere and conversation  serve to help you escape the stresses of planning by building a romantic, fun & exciting experience. Witness your vision come to life as you share fresh cakes and desserts, relationship stories, design ideas and wedding visions with my husband and me as we get to know each other over coffee or wine. Working together with you on custom cakes designs is more about building a lifelong partnership to help embody your joy, excitement & spirit during life’s sweetest moments from your wedding day and beyond.


Sweet Dey

Steve & DeyAna Martinez

“As a custom cake designer who's had the honor & the privilege of baking for families at major milestones year after year, I understand how important it is to work with a baker you can trust. Bringing an artistic vision to life with a freshly baked cake takes more than skill, experience & patience. It also calls for the continued inspiration which comes from collaborative relationships! In fact, the passion behind my art is fueled by the inspiration I get from each person I work with. I believe that we truly make life sweeter together.” - DeyAna

What's a Custom Wedding Cake Worth?

If the design, theme, color scheme and flavor combination of your custom wedding cake embodies a piece of you, and only adorns the world for a brief moment, it can influence everyone you touch and even change who they are through the experience. Like a snowflake or an oil painting, every custom wedding cake is one of a kind, however, its design is an artistic expression intended to be savored & shared during one of life’s most special moments. The memories & influence that remain become your legacy. What’s that worth to you?

Unique Wedding Cake Experience

  1. Up to 3 Cakes (6" round ea.)

  2. Freshly Baked, Never Frozen

  3. Cakes Are Yours to Keep & Share

  4. Up to 3 Flavors of Cake, Icing, Filling, etc.

  5. Over 10 Years Experience in Establishing Clarity of Wedding Visions

  6. Signature Flavors Upon Request

  7. Complimentary Top Tier Replica Upon 1st Year Anniversary

  8. Special Savings on Desserts, Bridal Shower Cake, Venues, etc.

  9. Sweet, Authentic Flavors with Aesthetic Allure

  10. Fun, Romantic & Exciting Consultation Atmosphere

  11. Creative Partnership for All Future Cake Needs

  12. Continued Creative Support Up to the Day Of  

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